Our Guiding Principles

Setting out clear, timeless principles which determine what we believe and how we behave is the foundation to our present and future success.

Our Purpose

To improve the psychological wellbeing of our patients by creating superlative therapeutic experiences for the treatment of depression, anxiety and stress. Information on depression, anxiety and stress

Our Values

  • Clinical integrity above all
  • Sharing the excitement of recovery and wellbeing with our patients
  • An obsessive attention to detail
  • Creation of a fair and honest financial return

Our Vision

We are focused on becoming the country’s most respected private psychiatric practice within our therapeutic area, combining clinical excellence with five-star customer service and elegant environments.

Our Corporate Responsibility

We embrace the opportunity to make a difference beyond our daily actions, and to put into practice what we believe. Dr Macfarlane Associates is proud to provide financial support to the European Depression Association, an alliance of organisations, patients, researchers and healthcare professionals from nineteen countries across Europe.


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