There is good news. Depression, anxiety and stress are treatable conditons. What’s more, these are medical conditions, in the same way that asthma or high blood pressure are. Although there may not be anything to see on a blood test or an X-ray, depression, anxiety and stress are as deserving of medical attention as any other condition, and effective modern treatments are available.

Treating depression

All too frequently, sufferers may decide to ‘soldier on’ for year after year, feeling low and miserable but assuming that these feelings are normal, and allowing these illnesses to take a terrible toll on their personal and professional lives. We now live in an era when our understanding of the brain and its associated emotions is understood better than ever. For the first time, effective evidence-based treatments are available, for both talking therapies and medication-based treatments. Learn more about depression, anxiety and stress, or discover our specific treatment options designed to bring together the best in modern and effective therapies.


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