The Kusnacht Practice is the world’s most exclusive psychiatric treatment facility. When discretion and clinical excellence are paramount, allow the experts at Kusnacht to create a completely individual treatment plan for you, delivered in the utmost privacy and comfort.

If you’ve been considering treatment at the Kusnacht Practice, there’s no longer the need to travel to Zurich to start the process. For the first time, you can now start your treatment journey right here in London with a skilled, friendly and discreet assessment by Dr Ian Drever. During a confidential home or office visit, Dr Drever will work with you to carry out an initial assessment and discuss treatment options, allowing a tailored therapy programme to be in place for your arrival in Zurich.


Choose to stay at a variety of luxury accommodations in Switzerland, from discreet houses with lake views, to mountain chalets and luxury hotels.


Dr Ian Drever and the experts at the Kusnacht Practice work closely with you to create a carefully balanced programme, precisely tailored to your needs.


The Kusnacht Practice – a unique experience

As you might expect, treatment at the world’s most exclusive psychiatric clinic is a very special experience. You’re unique, and your precise treatment needs are yours alone, so it makes sense to develop a completely bespoke programme, tailored exactly around you. The Kusnacht Practice takes a complete view of all aspects of your psychological and physical health, and provides eight hours a day of various inputs, delivered by respected experts in their fields. In addition, and unlike most other providers, you’ll undergo advanced, leading-edge biochemical analysis of your body function, allowing restorative action to be taken.

Your very own care team

Dedicated entirely to your recovery, your care team will be assembled from leading clinical experts in Switzerland and around Europe. Their sole purpose: to help get you better. Under the esteemed guidance of Professor Rossler, your team will include medical doctors, psychologists, and a counsellor who will live on site with you, through the entirety of your stay. In addition, a range of other support staff including a driver, cook and butler will look after your every need to ensure maximum comfort and discretion.

Start your treatment in London

Having treatment with the Kusnacht Practice no longer means having to travel to Zurich to start the process. You’re now able to start your treatment here in London, at a location of your choice, with a thorough assessment of your needs, conducted by Dr Ian Drever, Consultant Psychiatrist, in complete confidence.

Planning your treatment

The purpose of the initial assessment is to examine in detail all your illness features and form a diagnosis, then work with you to develop a forward recovery plan. Based on this plan, Dr Drever will liaise with the experts at the Kusnacht Practice to bring together your dedicated clinical team, tasked with delivering the treatment you need.


Keeping it all going

On your return to the UK, Dr Drever and his team of local psychologists and other experts will be able to seamlessly continue the work you’ll have done in Switzerland. Home and office follow-up sessions can be arranged to carefully monitor your recovery, and if necessary, medication can also be prescribed.

In complete confidence

We won’t discuss your treatment with anyone but you. Dr Drever and the clinicians at the Kusnacht Practice are health professionals bound by medical and ethical codes of conduct, with strict confidentiality guidelines.

Talk To Us

To learn more about starting your treatment with the Kusnacht practice in London,please contact us in complete confidence. All enquiries via our contact page come directly to Dr Drever, and are not seen by anyone else. Alternatively, call Caroline, our PA on 0345 11 22 300 during office hours.