Individual Psychology

The opportunity to explore feelings and past events in a private setting can be powerful. For such therapy, Drever Associates offers access to an established network of trusted, hand-picked Clinical Psychologists and other therapists.

We know all our colleagues personally, so that as well as being able to judge who would offer the best range of professional skills for a particular patient, we can also assess the potential ‘personal chemistry’ and try to arrange a pairing so that this indefinable but very important dynamic is addressed. – Individual Psychology - Individual therapy

Our partner clinicians offer:

  • Problem-solving, CBT-based treatment to tackle features of depression, anxiety or stress, and teach skills for staying well
  • Exploratory, reflective work to help deal with difficult life events
  • ‘Positive psychology’ sessions to improve performance, motivation and daily fuctioning
  • Choice of gender, culture and language
  • Flexible appointment times, with minimal or no waiting lists
  • Convenient, accessible locations
  • Skype sessions for those travelling or seeking extra flexibility

Individual psychology sessions are arranged around individual needs, and are typically held once or twice a week, with sessions lasting around an hour. All psychology sessions start with an Initial Assessment, in order to confirm the diagnosis and draw up a management plan. Contact us to learn more about Individual Psychology sessions.