Other Treatment Services

Dr Macfarlane Associates is part of a wide network of clinical psychologists and other specialists, with expertise in the treatment of depression, anxiety and stress.

We offer a range of services beyond our Residential and Concierge Care packages, designed to meet the needs of our patients and clinical colleagues.


Day Hospital Treatment is an intensive therapy option to treat depression, anxiety and stress. Based on an initial assessment of your needs, our skilled therapists create a private, safe and supportive environment to help you recover, rebuild and move forwards.

The therapeutic cornerstone of our group programme is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), supplemented by a range of other inputs to help explore and understand the underlying causes of your illness. Depending on your treatment needs, you may attend groups between two days and five days a week, with regular follow-up appointments with a psychiatrist.


Individual psychology sessions for depression, anxiety and stress provide a valuable opportunity to explore feelings and past events in a private setting. Sessions of around one hour are usually held once or twice a week. Treatment may be centred around a problem-solving, CBT-based approach, or it could be more exploratory and reflective.

We understand that every individual has different needs, and will do our best to meet specific cultural, gender, and linguistic requirements. Individual psychology with Dr Macfarlane Associates is both flexible and accessible, as we can offer telephone and Skype sessions for clients who would prefer not to travel to us, or are based overseas.


Imagine having a complete treatment package brought to your doorstep and delivered to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home. In co-operation with Medelit, a bespoke home care provider, this is now possible throughout Central London and West Surrey.

Ideal for busy, time-pressed individuals or those for whom discretion is of utmost importance, this service is built around your needs and provided to you when and where feels most comfortable. To discuss treatment options, please contact the team at Medelit directly on 020 3637 5657, who will be pleased to provide a more detailed service overview.


The demands of corporate life can lead key employees to suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and alcohol use. The effects can be far-reaching, impairing performance at work and undermining quality of life. Treatment is vital to restore well-being and help individuals to thrive at work.

We offer rapid appointment times with onward referrals to clinical psychologists with corporate experience in Harley Street, the City and Canary Wharf. We have experience of working in close liaison with Occupational Health and HR departments with every regard to confidentiality and discretion.


We offer a complete, one-stop service for the patients of busy healthcare professionals. Dr Macfarlane Associates does not operate a referral threshold, and welcomes patients with all severities of depression, anxiety, stress and alcohol use.

Clinical care is provided by members of an extensive network of trusted, experienced professionals, from initial contact through to discharge. We operate one of the most competitive and transparent pricing structures available, and are recognised by all major health insurance providers. We are also pleased to welcome self-funding patients.

Dr Macfarlane Associates accepts referrals from GPs, Occupational Health providers and medical specialists. We aim to respond to referrals within two working days; for urgent cases, please call us during office hours, and we will endeavour to provide a priority service.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we operate under stringent confidentiality guidelines. Dr Macfarlane Associates’ clinicians, therapists, and consultants are health professionals bound by strict medical and ethical codes of conduct.


To find out more about non-residential treatment with one of our team of specialists, please contact us in complete confidence.