Residential Treatment for Alcohol Use

Alcohol addiction can be all-consuming. Relentlessly, it destroys everything: money, health, career, relationships. Our team works with individuals to help them escape the chaos, and to find new, sustainable ways of living.

Step away from the outside world into a safe, supportive cocoon, where our experts will help to uncover the causes of drinking and teach strategies for recovery.

Over the course of twenty-eight intensive days, our treatment leaves no stone unturned, and tackles alcohol addiction at its very root. When it’s time to get well, our programme awaits.

Demonstrated Success

80% of patients who underwent addictions treatment with us were abstinent or improved after one year of treatment, and 99% rated the quality of their care as good or excellent.* Find out what our patients say about their time with us.

Where You'll Stay

Our clinic is a spacious sanctuary in the Surrey countryside. Just a short distance from London, yet a world away, we’re surrounded by acres of grounds, gardens and tree-lined walks to provide a contemplative, tranquil setting for your recovery to begin – and to last. Learn more about our location and accommodation.

About Your Stay with Us



If you’ve been drinking heavily for some time, it’s likely that a detoxification programme will be required. This takes around a week, and allows alcohol to safely and comfortably leave your body. High-intensity vitamin B supplementation is often also provided, as these can be depleted with prolonged alcohol use.

Medical check-up and ongoing care

At the beginning of your treatment programme, our House Doctor will provide a physical check-up, including a thorough blood screen with analysis. Ongoing medical conditions will also be explored, and medication prescribed as necessary.

Round-the-clock nursing and medical care

Going through treatment like this can be intense, and our nursing team understands this. Throughout your stay, they’ll be available for support and reassurance, even quietly visiting the rooms during the night, just to check that all is well.  The services of our House Doctor are also available day and night.


Group treatment

A range of exercises, tailored to individual circumstances, will build a comprehensive picture of everything which has led to your present addiction. In the early part of the treatment journey, you will do a Life Story exercise, and other inputs including wisdom from the Alcoholics Anonymous Step One will systematically build on this.


Individual keyworking sessions

Every week, there will be allocated time to work with your dedicated keyworker. Issues raised in groups can be explored in more detail, at a speed and intensity which feels right.

Weekly family support sessions

Families and loved ones can often feel excluded from the process of recovery and bewildered about the process of addiction, so our programme offers weekly family sessions, enabling the significant people in your life to be part of your long term recovery.

Attendance at local recovery meetings

In the evenings, attendance is arranged at local community meetings, to gain from the wisdom and experience of others farther along the treatment journey, and to build a long-term support network.

Personal reviews

You will meet twice-weekly with Dr Storma Macfarlane, to monitor progress and steer your treatment programme so that every day is used to maximum benefit.

Reference materials

As the programme develops, we will provide a range of reference materials and recommended reading, to help consolidate everything which has been discussed in the groups.



Our support doesn’t stop at the end of your residential treatment, as our team invites all patients to stay connected with the community at weekly aftercare meetings for a full year.

Daycare and secondary treatment

Further daycare sessions can be arranged, to enable a smoother step-down at the end of residential treatment. If required, our team also has links with Prinsted, an excellent secondary-care provider, allowing supervised recovery for several more months in long-term specialist facilities.

Talk to Us

If you would like to find out more about alcohol treatment, please contact us in complete confidence.


*Outcomes based on standard metrics used across all Priory hospitals for individuals with addictions, 2010/11. Satisfaction results based on independently audited Priory opinion surveys, 2010/11.

Dr Macfarlane Associates and Priory Hospitals are committed to a process of ongoing service development, and the precise nature of the treatment packages may be modified from time to time. Occasional changes may also be made for operational reasons