Residential Treatment With Dr Macfarlane Associates

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or stress, let our experts help. Our team focuses exclusively on the treatment of these conditions, devising effective residential programmes to bring about lasting recovery.

Imagine taking time out to put yourself first. Imagine a safe haven from a hectic world. Imagine treatment with expert professionals, and the friendship of others who truly understand how you feel.


Our residential treatment programme offers a route through the maze of depression, anxiety and stress. Our professionals put your needs at the heart of what we do – which is why we believe that residential treatment should be a first choice, not a last resort.


Why Residential Treatment Works

A stay with us is an opportunity to settle into a carefully designed programme of round-the-clock professional care, friendship and mutual support. Leaving the pressures of life behind for a period of time really can be the best way to achieve significant and lasting change. Find out what our patients say about their time with us.

Where You’ll Stay

Our clinic is a spacious sanctuary in the Surrey countryside. Just a short distance from London, yet a world away, we’re surrounded by acres of grounds, gardens and tree-lined walks to provide a contemplative, tranquil setting for your recovery to begin – and to last. Learn more about our location and accommodation.

About Your Stay With Us

What happens during your stay?

A typical day on the programme consists of around five hours of small group treatments, designed to help you understand your illness, and to find new ways of staying well. You’ll work with others in a similar situation, sharing experiences and finding solutions together. Meals and plenty of breaks are incorporated, and the day ends with relaxing activities such as yoga and pilates. The evenings are free to spend as you choose: to regroup, reflect, relax and socialise – we often find that therapy continues informally outside the groups, with the friends you’ll make along the way.

residentialImage4CBT – focused on results

The cornerstone of our treatment programme is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a highly validated treatment which can provide powerful relief from depression, anxiety and stress. CBT works by allowing us to challenge and reset our thinking, freeing us to find new, objective, more sustainable interactions with the world. CBT arms us with a tool-kit of thinking skills for the future, so that new, life-long habits of healthy thinking can be developed.

Fresh insights, new perspectives

Working with people who are in similar situations can create a faster, more complete and more insightful recovery. That’s why we complement the CBT groups with a range of other sessions, such as Building Self-Esteem, Managing Stress and Developing Assertiveness. By the time you leave us, we’ll aim to equip you with an understanding of what makes you tick, and how best to keep yourself feeling well.

We understand that some people feel group therapy isn’t for them. However, the overwhelming majority find our group sessions safe, strengthening, and richly rewarding; this is often the place where lifelong friendships begin. Of course, we can provide one-to-one sessions, but we usually recommend trying group therapy too. It may surprise you. View an example of a typical week’s programme.

Fully inclusive

Residential treatment programmes are fully inclusive of therapies, medication, meals and private, en-suite accommodation. We understand that the programme can be an intense experience, so all patients receive round-the-clock nursing care from professionals who understand the challenges you’re facing. Our house doctor is also available 24 hours a day.

After your stay

At the end of your stay with us, we’ll arrange a programme of care to make sure your recovery continues. Depending on your individual needs, this may include day-patient visits for one-to-one or group therapy, ongoing medical reviews or perhaps even a private nurse to come and visit you at home.

In confidence

Our clinicians and therapists are health professionals bound by medical and ethical codes of conduct, with stringent confidentiality guidelines. We explain these to every patient before the programme begins.

Talk To Us

If you would like to find out more about residential treatment for depression, anxiety or stress, please contact us in complete confidence.